Travolta Vampirism Shocker! 'I Like To Fly At Night,' Says Creepy, Undead Star

In a shocking interview airing later tonight, Guantanamo-quality Extra interrogator Jerry "Dr. Answers" Penacoli inserts a series of bamboo shoots underneath Hairspray star John Travolta's exquisitely manicured fingernails until the enigmatic actor comes clean about his controversial bedtime, unexpectedly admitting under the duress of Penacoli's punishing, Geneva Convention-violating techniques that he is, in fact, a vampire: "I fly sometimes at night. I catch up on all sorts of business I have to do...I do my work out at night."

The full press release after the jump, for those strong enough of constitution to learn the truth uncovered by Extra, yet too impatient to wait until dinnertime.

JOHN TRAVOLTA ON RUMORS THAT HE IS NOCTURNAL (Los Angeles - June 19, 2007) - John Travolta sits down with "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli about his new film, "Hairspray." He set the record straight about reports he stays up all night - living a nocturnal life.

Travolta says, "Since I was five, I've always been nocturnal. My mother did theater, she'd come home at 2 in the morning and my dad and I would wait for her. I never got out of that habit."

About what he does late night, he continues, "I fly sometimes at night. I catch up on all sorts of business I have to do. I work out. I do my work out at night."