Vincent Curatola (a.k.a Johnny Sack), whose cameo in the Hillary Clinton parody of "The Sopranos" finale added the necessary frisson to a video which has gone viral beyond its consultant's wildest dreams, talks about working with the Clintons. Bill, it turns out, is a fan.

"They were very, very personable," Curatola recounts. "[Bill] talked to me at length about story lines on 'The Sopranos' — different characters, he really seems to be an authentic fan and so is she. She thanked me up and down when she walked in to the set for coming out on a Sunday morning. She really thought it was a noble deed."

So what did Bill ask about in particular?

"We talked a lot about Jim scenes, Gandolfini scenes and how near the end of the series the pressure was so great for him and how it would have been great if the show had gone another two or three seasons, but most fans tell us that," Curatola says.

And there you have it, the most plausible solution to what happens after the show goes dark: Tony is term-limited out of his job as head of the north Jersey mob. After his chosen successor is rejected by a crooked Mafia Supreme Court despite being elected fair and square, he and Carmela plot a return to the top through a Machiavellian scheme where Carmela shows the mob that she's as tough as any other candidate. Then some black guy comes in and screws it all up.

Hell, it makes as much sense as any other reading, right?

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