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Anjali Athavaley at the Wall Street Journal, recommending appropriate attire for one's avatar in Second Life, didn't get the memo about the once-hot virtual world. Linden Lab's clunky virtual world, at least as the future of corporate marketing and recruitment, is history. (Don't they read Forbes?)

Some Japanese soldiers were discovered in the forests of New Guinea, years after Hiroshima, still unaware the war was over. So I'm sure for a while longer these wide-eyed reports, in the D section of the Journal or in obscure foreign newspapers, will persist. After the jump, Athavaley advises against showing up for a job interview as a troll or a mermaid.

"Here are some tips for job seekers who meet with recruiters in Second Life...Tailor your avatar to the position you're applying for. It's not necessary to dress up in a suit - but if you are interviewing with an employer that has a conservative workplace culture, you probably don't want to show up as a troll or a mermaid." [A job interview you don't have to show up for — from the Wall Street Journal]

Forget about inappropriate attire; this is an irrelevant article. Does anybody know a candidate who got a job after a virtual interview? If they do, there's a recruiter who needs to be fired.