'Don't show up as a troll or a mermaid' Anjali Athavaley at the Wall Street Journal, recommending appropriate attire for one's avatar in Second Life , didn't get the memo about the once-hot virtual world. Linden Lab's clunky virtual world, at least as the future of corporate marketing and recruitment, is history. (Don't they read Forbes? )

Some Japanese soldiers were discovered in the forests of New Guinea, years after Hiroshima, still unaware the war was over. So I'm sure for a while longer these wide-eyed reports, in the D section of the Journal or in obscure foreign newspapers, will persist. After the jump, Athavaley advises against showing up for a job interview as a troll or a mermaid.

"Here are some tips for job seekers who meet with recruiters in Second Life...Tailor your avatar to the position you're applying for. It's not necessary to dress up in a suit - but if you are interviewing with an employer that has a conservative workplace culture, you probably don't want to show up as a troll or a mermaid." [A job interview you don't have to show up for — from the Wall Street Journal]

Forget about inappropriate attire; this is an irrelevant article. Does anybody know a candidate who got a job after a virtual interview? If they do, there's a recruiter who needs to be fired.