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A Defamer operative with a cameraphone's-eye-view of the Roosevelt, the site of demonschlonged funk-imp Prince's upcoming summer series of pricey, intimate dinner-jazz explorations, just sent in this blurry photo of some curious activity outside the hotel. Explains our correspondent:

I took this crappy photo from [my office] next to the Hollywood Roosevelt. It's hard to make out, I know, but a huge amount of suitcases have been coming off this truck all morning and going into the Roosevelt, all under the watchful eye of a motorcycle cop. We've all been watching for any clues to see if anything belongs to Prince, like anything monogrammed with a male-female symbol or an excess of purple. But how many other guests arrive with luggage by the truckful and get their move-in supervised by the LAPD?

We promise to keep you posted on any exciting developments in the time-consuming unloading of those 3,121 pieces of luggage, especially if our spy spots an item definitively identifying the van as Prince's, such as a fifty-foot guitar case suggesting the shape of Satan's infernal member.