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Because, like death, Ontario-themed news tends to come in threes, we round out the latest wave of Defamer Canadiana (it began with a girl-on-girl mauling at the Eislers' place in Kingston, then continued today with a Jack Bauer debate on Ottawa's Parliament Hill) with the exciting announcement that The O.C.'s resident yummy mummy, Kelly "Kiki Cohen" Rowan (born in Ottawa!) has netted the northern land mass's most loaded—and by extension desirable—bachelor. From a Canadian! Supermarriage! Exclusive!:

[Rowan] is engaged to Canadian billionaire David Thomson, Rowan's rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

Toronto-based media mogul Thomson, 50, is Canada's richest man and the 10th richest man in the world, according to this year's ranking of billionaires by Forbes magazine, which also says he is the divorced father of three.

We quietly shed a tear for the end of a seemingly everlasting, albeit fictional, love between a MILF of Privilege and her menschy, surfing Public Defender, but we couldn't be happier for Rowan, who'll live out her wildest romantic fantasies when she arrives at her fairy tale wedding in a moose-drawn carriage made entirely of solid-gold Toonies.