This week, Time Out dating columnist Julia Allison asks, 'Is it okay to kind of whore yourself out in order to have a place to crash in the Hamptons on the weekends?' But that lady is as full of surprises as she is full of sparkly photogenic poses and zingy bon mots: Her own personal answer is, 'Maybe not!' See, she's been burned: "Right now [the Hamptons] is "just a place" where the last three men I dated all have houses. Houses to which I am definitely not invited. And, let me assure you, summer is not as much fun when other women are swimming in your ex's pool." But socialgay Kristian Laliberte thinks that sleeping your way into a primo summershare is a-ok, as long as some basic conditions are met: "How nice is the place? Gin Lane address—probably. Hampton Bays—no way."

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