MSNBC rakes a little muck today and reveals that reporters have given campaign contributions to political candidates! Just like other American citizens! Even more shocking is the fact that most reporters tend to give to Democrats! Most shocking of all is the revelation that reporters have money to give away! Whether you see this practice as indicative of the media's bias towards the left or as an indication that those at the front lines of the political process have seen enough to know who needs help depends on what side of the ideological line you fall on. One thing's for sure: We kind of love the New Yorker's Hendrik Hertzberg.

Hendrik Hertzberg, senior editor, $2,000 to John Kerry in three payments in 2004. Hertzberg often writes the Comment in the front of the magazine, and was a speechwriter for Jimmy Carter.

Hertzberg, in answer to the question whether he made these donations, sent this reply: "Damn right.

Journalists dole out cash to politicians (quietly) [MSNBC]