Pinkberry, the L.A.-based froyo industrial complex, has been going through a rough patch of late. First came the news that its product wasn't exactly frozen nor yogurt. Then it developed an unwanted following among the rat population who soon invaded its Upper East Side store. But, as the L.A. Times reports, not all is lost for the chain. At least it has live culture!

Intrigued by the mystery of whether the product is actually yogurt, The Times sent samples of Pinkberry — along with Golden Spoon and Baskin-Robbins frozen yogurt — to a food lab for analysis. The test results were clear: "Bottom line, they all had cultures," said Brian Parmenter of Bodycote FPL, a food-testing lab in Portland, Ore.

But still not all was rosy for Pinkberry.

Pinkberry isn't meeting the minimum 10 million cultures per gram required in frozen yogurt at the point of manufacturing, they say, and there's still that problem of where the yogurt is mixed.

"That's not really the whole story," attorney Mary Glarum said. "There are still a lot of open questions. If they have nothing to hide, than they should tell people what's in their product."

Eh, so what if it's a little low on culture? It's made in L.A.!

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