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This just in from the Defamer Special Correspondent on Things Currently Trapped in an Elevator Shaft at William Morris:

Benderspink has been stuck in an elevator @ WMA for 30 minutes.

Having never seen this particular scenario played out on Entourage, we have no idea how to handle it (do we have Lloyd call the Fire Department, or have him try and cover it up, creating unforeseen comic complications?), but the vague nature of the tip leaves us with questions about who, exactly, is stuck in that elevator. Is it just partners JC Spink and Chris Bender? Did their entire staff embark on a summer field trip to a Big Hollywood Agency (CAA and ICM were already booked, we're sure) that went horribly awry when someone suggested it would be funny to see how many manager/producers they could squeeze into a single elevator car? The crisis may already have ended by the time you read this, but we promise to keep you updated as new details became available.