One of 35-year-old Atoosa Rubenstein's army of teenaged galpals posed this intriguing question on her MySpace: "When do you feel most beautiful?" Chloe says that she feels most beautiful "right after washing my face. I am not sure why, but I feel like my impurities and masks are washed away, revealing my true alpha kitty self." Wow, how empowering! Or how like a Biore ad! As for the 'Toos, she feels most beautiful "when I consistently make healthy food choices instead of filling myself up with crap food (like I did last night - went out to Cowgirl (website) in the West Village with a big group of friends and I inhaled too much onion loaf, fries and a big steak fajita. At least I drew the line at the corn dogs I was totally eyeing...). When I eat well, I know I'm treating my body (and in turn, myself) with the respect I deserve. Alpha Kitties should be worshipped - including by ourselves!" Ok, GOTCHA.

When Do You Feel Most Beautiful? [ToosSpace]