Teen soap star and Julia Allison protege Leven Rambin eats a lot of egg whites, protein bars, and peanut butter. But that doesn't mean she won't splurge when she goes out to restaurants, especially if they're "trendy." "I went to Highline for dinner. It's really trendy." Also: "For lunch I went to the Ivy with my boyfriend and a couple friends. Very trendy." Know what else is trendy? Binging and purging. "After the awards, I was so depressed that I didn't win that I ate a whole box of really shitty chocolates from the gift bag, and a whole bag of tortilla chips and a whole tin of chocolate-covered Altoids. Then we went to an after-ceremony dinner and I wasn't even hungry. I was going to throw up from all the chocolate!" Sometimes we actually start feeling a little sad and sorry and wish that there were volunteer pro bono publicists for people like Leven.

Leven Rambin Consoles Herself With Chocolate [NYM]