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The weekend of reckoning has finally arrived for Evan Almighty, aka The Most Expensive Comedy Story Ever Told, an occasion marked by dozens of nervous Universal executives kneeling before makeshift shrines and praying that their religious marketing partners are going to deliver the arkloads of Christians they promised. And while the reviews have not been kind, they have most certainly been creative, taking full advantage of the movie's biblical themes in trumpeting, amidst Almighty's zoological bounty, the arrival of the summer's biggest turkey. A smattering of memorable headlines:

· 'Evan' can wait: Silly concept flick just God-awful []
· Noah way! Slapstick of 'Evan Almighty' tempered by strong performances []

· Just say Noah []
· 'Evan Almighty' could have used some divine intervention []
· God tells Steve Carell to build an ark, but nothing keeps sequel from sinking [SF Chronicle]
· "Evan Almighty": Comedy begets a multitude of winces []
· Thou shalt not laugh at 'Evan' [Memphis Commercial Appeal]
· You can sleep through 'Evan Almighty's' flood [Kansas City Star]
· 'Evan' just all-righty [Detroit News]