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Having already had the release date of his beloved Captivity delayed by the MPAA's displeasure over an accidental billboard campaign depicting step-by-step instruction on how to capture and torture a B-list actress, and recently having witnessed the bombing of the higher-profile Hostel Part II, desperate, self-consciously controversial After Dark CEO Courtney Solomon is trying to salvage his movie's box office prospects by bragging to the NY Times about the over-the-top coming-out party he's throwing to celebrate his movie's arrival in theaters. Boasts Solomon about the upcoming premiere orgy at Privilege:

For starters, Mr. Solomon has ordered up what he calls the three "most outlandish" SuicideGirls available from the punk porn service, even if they're as frisky as the ones he is told once set a Portland, Ore., restaurant on fire. Some lucky fans will get to take the women as dates for party night, July 10, on two conditions: "People take the date at their own risk, and everybody on the Internet gets to watch."

Cage fighting too is likely. Mr. Solomon's planners are angling for Kimbo Slice, the bare-knuckle bruiser whose vicious backyard brawls are a Web favorite and who made his Mixed Martial Arts debut on Saturday.

But the warren of live torture rooms is a must. As Mr. Solomon envisions it, individuals in torture gear will wander through the West Hollywood club Privilege grabbing partygoers. All of which is a prelude to an undisclosed main event that, he warned last week over slices of pizza a few doors from his company's new offices on the Sunset Strip, is "probably not legal."

"The women's groups definitely will love it," Mr. Solomon hinted. "I call it my personal little tribute to them."

It seems that Solomon is finally abandoning his strenuously insincere (though hilarious!) claims that Captivity is actually an uplifting, Lifetime-worthy story of female empowerment; finished with this outrage-deflecting charade, he's now free to carry through on his vision for a semilegal NOW "tribute" dungeon for his party, in which leather-clad, ball-gagged strippers playing the part of protesting "women's groups" are forced to watch a loop of the movie's most shamelessly exploitative scenes while Solomon paddles them with picket signs.