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Lindsay Lohan's crash-and-burn Memorial Day tailspin has had significant implications for her summer social calendar: Canceled, for example, was her 21st birthday soirée in a Vegas nightclub, in which she was to be lowered by crane into a swimming-pool-sized martini glass, where she'd remain submerged until she had ingested all of the sponsored contents, save for two oversized prop olives. Still, sacrifices needed to be made, and her ongoing treatment at Promises has proven so successful, she's opted to extend her stay, says intermittently present mother figure, Dina Lohan:

The 20-year-old actress has decided to put in some extra time battling her demons, postponing her planned exit next week from Promises in Malibu.

"She's going to be doing extended care. It was her choice," Lohan's mother, Dina, said as she appeared at a Long Island courtroom for a conference on her ex-husband's request for visitation rights with their children.

"Lindsay is looking to rebound even better," said Ty Dux, Dina Lohan's security guard/publicist. "She wants to prove to everybody that she means it."

Dux said next week's birthday celebration will take place away from the Promises facility and "no alcohol" will be served.

If we are to believe her all-purpose bodyguard/flack hybrid (the popular new trend in P.R. types, as they come with the added, attractive feature of literally being willing to take bullets for their clients), a merely adequite recovery simply won't do for Lohan. That means scaling back on her ambitious birthday plans and choosing something more along the lines of the LAX Chuck E. Cheese instead, where the "Happy Dry 21st, Linsday!" marquee will beckon with promises of an evening of wholesome, Skee-Ball adventures inside, in place of the 8-ball adventures originally on the menu.