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Like any seminal moment in culture, socialite-cum-muse Paris Hilton's 23-day incarceration has inspired the production of great art, and not just from the photographers who captured the indelible image of the heiress weeping in the back of a police car as she was cruelly torn from of the comforting womb of home-imprisonment. Above, find two examples of the exciting output of two local artists: at left, the Century Regional Detention Facility's most talented inmate presents her unofficial jailhouse biographers at TMZ with a self-portrait and thank-you note for their "fair and unbiased reporting of the events in my case"; at right, artist Leon Leonard Jr. awaits Hilton's release so that he can share an airbrushed tribute that breathtakingly captures a spirit that could not be crushed by a tragic miscarriage of justice.

[Images: Left: TMZ; Right: AP]