Sunster Lenore Skenazy anxiously anticipates the release of the final Harry Potter book.

Every generation from now on is going to know the arc of this classic—"Oh yeah, that's that great series with the really sad ending." Or not. How precious this time is, then, when we can still bite our nails and wonder what J.K. Rowling has in store for us. Imagine sitting in the Globe Theatre on opening night and not knowing whether Romeo and his girlfriend were going to get hitched and open up Juliet's Juicy Pie Company. Ever since then, we've known: no pies. That night was special.

For those of you who like your endings spoiled, we've got your pies right here: A publishing insider at Bloomsbury with intimate knowledge of the project revealed the ending to us on the condition that we hold it until the day the book ships. We agreed, but you know what? It is a slow news day and we've got nothing else. Sorry, dude. Here's how it ends. Massive spoiler alert.

Harry Potter dies. Ripped to a million tiny fleshy pieces. Okay, can all you adults get lives now and stop reading a book meant for 11-year-olds? Thanks.

For Harry Potter Fans, Time To Enjoy Unknown [NYS]