Julia Allison Has The Skills To Pay The Bills

Over at Eat the Press, Rachel Sklar defends Julia Allison from the barbs of those who are astounded or depressed by her new $100K+ a year job as a Star talking head. Julia "knows how to bring it for the camera," says Sklar, and that's what really matters. Ah, feminism!

Allison personifies the media 'triple threat': Someone who can write, looks good for the camera, and can think quickly on her feet. The reach of TV is staggering, and the power of the five-second beam into thousands, or millions, of living rooms (at least) tops print in sheer efficiency, and arguably, sheer, blunt, brand-promulgating power (a mega-spokesperson for a Maga-Brand, as TV ready Men's Health EIC/brand-personifier/Julia-pal David Zinczenko might say). So those who are surprised by Allison's rise should not be; in this brave new multi-platform world of ours, it pays to be a utility player.
On so many levels!

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