Over at Eat the Press, Rachel Sklar defends Julia Allison from the barbs of those who are astounded or depressed by her new $100K+ a year job as a Star talking head. Julia "knows how to bring it for the camera," says Sklar, and that's what really matters. Ah, feminism!

Allison personifies the media 'triple threat': Someone who can write, looks good for the camera, and can think quickly on her feet. The reach of TV is staggering, and the power of the five-second beam into thousands, or millions, of living rooms (at least) tops print in sheer efficiency, and arguably, sheer, blunt, brand-promulgating power (a mega-spokesperson for a Maga-Brand, as TV ready Men's Health EIC/brand-personifier/Julia-pal David Zinczenko might say). So those who are surprised by Allison's rise should not be; in this brave new multi-platform world of ours, it pays to be a utility player.

On so many levels!

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