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Okay, this is a rumor about a rumor, and too juicy to be believable. So I'm only putting out part of it. Here's the word on the grapevine: that a reporter, with either Business Week or the Los Angeles Times, called up News Corporation, asking for comment on one of Chris DeWolfe's liaisons. The dapper Myspace founder was, so the improbable story goes, witnessed canoodling at a party with a married woman. The real shocker: not that the charming social network pioneer is popular with the ladies, but that he dared get so close to this particular lady. For the record, I think the story itself is malicious wishful thinking. The story about the story, on the other hand: one can totally believe that a newspaper such as the Los Angeles Times was desperate for News Corp scoop while the media conglomerate was, with its bid for Dow Jones, in the headlines. If a reporter did indeed make a run with that old rumor, News Corp's incandescent reaction must have been something to behold. If you've heard the tittle-tattle, send me an email.Update: A News Corp spokesperson called to deny the underlying rumor. "It is categorically untrue, and it is offensive and irresponsible for you to be printing it," she says. A Los Angeles Times reporter did indeed broach the topic — as, says News Corp, a "throwaway question in the middle of a conversation about unrelated matters." So that's that.