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Kevin Rose, the web wunderkind, has revealed his new project, Pownce, which apparently allows us to "share stuff." Maybe the community is partially to blame for the hype surrounding the creator of Digg and Revision3 (the former is popular and influential, the latter just received funding), but Kevin does his fair share of self-promoting, and he doesn't have to believe his own hype. He is not Superman — something he may not yet be aware of. This third project could finally expose the young entrepreneur to a little failure and humility.

Although Pownce has everything web 2.0 going for it ( a cadre of young, attractive entrepreneurs with street cred — Leah Culver, Kevin Rose, Daniel Burka, and Shawn Allen, a slick design, social features, a misspelled but cute name), it's also not very useful and is entering a crowded market of full-featured and niche applications. Can Rose continue to stretch himself thin and spit out new project after another? Or will he discover that success is sometimes contingent on focus and a novel or good idea? A little failure could be good for the ego of young Kevin Rose.