So, as we've written, four reviewers got an iPhone will in advance of the device's launch week. What do they have in common, besides working for top-tier newspapers and magazines? Well, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal is an Apple convert, since 2005, when he described the Mac as "the best computer, with the best operating system, for average consumers." Steven Levy of Newsweek has long sidelined in Apple punditry: his book about the iPod, the Perfect Thing, comes out in paperback in September. Ed Baig of USA Today? Author of Mac for Dummies. Surely David Pogue of the august New York Times is a neutral observer? Yeah, right: Pogue is a regular paid speaker on cruises for Mac fanatics. (More on Pogue, from Josh Quittner.)The only question: was it their publications who selected Mac fans as tech reviewers because of their access to Apple, or Steve Jobs that chose them? Answer: at this stage, Apple's marketing machine, and its influential media fans, and an adoring readership, are so intertwined that the question doesn't really matter.