In the constellation of collegiate societies—fraternities, sororities, eating clubs, finals clubs, and the like—few are more exclusive, and WASPy, as St. Anthony Hall, or St. A's as it is commonly known. Founded at Columbia University in 1847, today the organization has merely nine chapters, six of which are co-ed and three of which are all-male. At the university we attended, the St. A's chapter house was an imposing Tudor brick presence in the center of campus, with leaded-glass windows, a large side yard, and a stoop where the blond members would sit outside on nice days, drinking beer out of plastic cups. (They were still a frat, after all.) So perhaps it's not surprising that Tinsley Mortimer would've been a member.

Indeed, while most St. A's members are quiet members of this country's de facto aristocracy (with a few internationals thrown in, of course)—the type whose names might not be familiar to you, but have appeared for generations in the student handbooks of Andover and St. Paul's—some members have chosen to thrust themselves into the limelight. Which makes the fact that St. A's can't seem to find the Tinz rather puzzling!

The other day, St. A's alumni received in the mail a "St. Anthony Hall List of 'Lost' Members," with names from each chapter listed. Included in the Columbia list were Tinz and her friend Phoebe Gubelmann, brother of Ivanka's ex Bingo. Please, won't someone help the good people of St. A's find these missing ladies?

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