We sort of miss the pre-Kuczynski days of facial work shame. PR exec Amy Krakow admits in the Times today that she spends an "astounding sum" of money on youthiness-maintenance treatments, including sessions in a hyperbaric chamber, plastic surgery on her "face and torso," hair straightening and Botox injections. So she's a Manhattan lady of a certain age, basically. (Yuck.) Gosh, where'd she get all that money, anyway? Anyhoo! It's a thousand bucks a week, says the Times, for a lady to keep herself pretty from the nails to the hairline—regimens that also take ten hours a week. "I can think of a couple of people where $3,500 a month might be low," says one lady. Yeah, but they look really not haggy or stretched at all.

Beauty Regimens Reach For The Gold Standard [NYT]