"Ask A Mexican," the great OC Weekly column, is now being syndicated in New York by our local New Times paper The Village Voice. Now, according to the City earlier this year, there are 250,000 Mexicans in New York City. (Total undercount, no doubt, but: a blip.) No matter how awesome the column, the syndication is a huge mistake. The Voice doesn't even have a media column any more—but how expensive would it be to start up Ask A Puerto Rican? Rosie Perez and John Leguizamo would totally co-write it for 50 bucks a week. I guess we'd even settle for Ask A Dominican. The smart syndication should be site-specific mutation, yo! Miami can start Ask A Cuban. Chicago can start up Ask A Greasy Pole. Hello? "Prepare to be entertained and pissed off," says Voice editor Tony Ortega in the press release. Really? You think? Border-crossing comedy is a lot less funny this far from the border. Also: L.A. sucks.