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Even though we're painfully aware of how little reality is involved in the production of reality television, we're nonetheless a little saddened that a reader ruined Spray-Bronzer Christmas by forwarding us this casting notice revealing the people we'll eventually see wandering into "L.A.'s most successful upscale tanning salon" on E!'s Sunset Tan, each of whom will present a unique pigment-correction challenge for the show's aesthetic technicians. As entertaining as it might be to watch the Olly Girls climb a step-ladder to evenly distribute Too Tall's perfect copper topcoat, stoop to slather a little person in high-end cocoa butter, or bicker over to the best way to color-match a prosthesis and a tragic farmer's tan, the magic of the show is inevitably diminished by knowing all their quirky characters were just ordered from a casting agency's take-out menu.