Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (it happens!) or by design (it happens more often).

  • "No one has seen Maura Tierney??? She is in NYC and I have a site description of her walking a new black pug."
  • "HELLO
  • just wrighting coz i read that article about the team zissou shoes. [Ed. Note: Umm from like three years ago. I think I wrote it and I don't even remember it.] your a god damn no talent ass clown. maybe someone just liked the way the damn shoes looked and wanted them, not just coz they saw them on the screen in there living room that feeds them bullshit. my advice to you is stop tellin people what you think they should do, or why you think they like something and go ahead and kill yourself. thanks [Ed. Note: P.S. Didn't you already get in touch with us?]
  • "Balloon fetish: Attn Emily Gould—Hi Emily if this has reached you. Caught your comments on balloon fetish on Fox news. Was hoping to follow up. I didn't catch it on TV, but clips get around that community quick as it is larger than you may think. I was thrilled it had a defensive tone to it =) The person you were responding to didn't seem to have done much research on it, but did have a good guess with associating it with inflatable exercise equipment. Wasn't sure if you were doing a piece as well on your site, but I have a oddly addressed site with more information you may be able to use at The links section may be able to aid you as well. Take it easy"
  • "Sir/Madam,
  • The BBC's report on the lack of social mobility in the UK (10 o'clock News 25/06/07) was a triumph of government propaganda. The BBC said that this lack of social mobility was due to the dominance of our private schools - but it studiously FAILED to mention that this dominance of private schooling and lack of social mobility is also directly coincident with the destruction of our grammar schools.
  • [Ed. Note: Five insanely dull paragraphs deleted.]
  • Repeated failures by the BBC to reveal the whole truth to the people of Britain means that it is time the BBC was closed down. It has long ceased to be the independent arbiter of balanced news, deep investigative analysis and instructional documentaries that it once was. Indeed, it has no purpose now except to regurgitate government propaganda, and so it should be put out of its misery. Close it down and expel all those luvvies from their liberal BBC bubble, and let them see what the real (selective and competitive) world is all about.
  • Yours, Ralph Ellis"
  • "I know the time to bring this fact to everyone's attention has come and gone, but Lorenzo Borghese is not a prince. There is currently only one Princess Borghese, living in Rome, and her son (then his son) will be the next to inherit the title. The family doesn't recognize the American "di Borghese" branch, and give them no honor whatsoever. ABC was clever enough to market this guy (would a real Italian prince graduate from some shit-hole college in FL?) as a prince based on the fact that his American grandmother married the cousin of the real prince, came to the states, used his money to build a cosmetics business, and left a very middle-class legacy. Do some research, you'll see this guy is just another Jersey Eye-talian lucky enough to have been a Network Ho for a season, bought and paid for.
    M :o)"
  • "I did not get to see the finale until last week since I was on vacation. I had to watch it several times to absorb it. I went online to read the theories about the finale, one of which was yours, and was disappointed that not one person picked up on a major storyline: that regarding AJ.

    First, let me say, I feel there was a lot of foreshadowing in the episode. As to AJ, first, I believe that when his SUV went up in flames, that was foreshadowing AJ watching his dad being gunned down right in front of him. Right after AJ and his girlfriend rolled down the embankment and were watching the flames engulf his SUV, the Bob Dylan song that was playing was right at the lyrics that said, "and with nothing left to live up to." I feel the car symbolized the death of Tony allowing AJ to not have to live up to him anymore. Also, perhaps the flames represent the flames of hell that Tony will be soon burning in.

    Second, when AJ was in his therapy session discussing the burning of his SUV, he tells the therapist that he is kind of glad it did burn up. The therapist asks him if that is because the SUV was polluter and he replies that he feels cleansed with the loss of the SUV and that we need to get rid of our dependence on foreign oil. This scene is really about what AJ is going to feel about the loss of his father. The word polluter refers to Tony since he worked in waste management. This clearly foreshadows AJ's feelings that he is going to have with the loss of his father.

    AJ could never live up to his dad and now that Tony is gone, AJ is free to be who he wants to be. This brings me to my third point. After witnessing his dad's murder right in front him sitting in that booth (despite the conflict he had with his dad), AJ becomes angry and ends up going into the "family business" and actually succeeds him as acting boss (at some point). I believe this because there was time spent dealing with AJ's desire to join the army after being angry about things happening in Afghanistan which foreshadows his anger over the wacking of his dad and consequently his desire to join mob family. The scene where Tony picks him up while jogging up the hill, Tony tells AJ to get in the car. This getting in the car foreshadows AJ getting into the family business. When Tony is watching AJ run, he starts singing the Rocky theme, "gonna fly now." AJ is going to fly now in succeeding his dad in the mob family. Also, in the final scene in the booth, Tony reaches out and grabs AJ's hand. I believe this is symbolic of AJ becoming a made man. Tony's gesture here foreshadows this. Thus, AJ will become a made man and become acting boss which is one reason for the Journey song which contains the lyrics, "it goes on and on and on." In other words, the mob family and mob life keeps going on and on.

    Paulie retires and lives life in the sun (remember Paulie holding up the reflector to get tanned?)

    As to Carmela, she finds life in her real estate business. Towards the end when she is looking at the blueprint of a house that foreshadows her new house and new life to come sans Tony.

    As to Meadow, I think her difficulty in parallel parking foreshadows that she will be having difficulty in her career since she was going to work at a law firm that conflicts with Tony's businesses. There are some hard times ahead for her.

    But David Chase wanted us to "don't stop believing(that the mob way of life can come to end and not go on and on), and hold on to that feeling (our feeling that things can be good from seeing Tony, Carm & AJ happy together in that final scene)." Unfortunately, due to the criminal Tony was, which David Chase reminded us all season long, it did suddenly stop with his death and the death of our very beloved show which was forever taken from us. (There will be no movie.) But life does go on and on.

    That's what I learned.
    Leslie R."
  • "Dear Gawker,
    Orzo: pasta or rice? Need to know by 5:15 p.m. ET today.
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