Boston Red Sox lover and New York Times gadfly Seth Mnookin is marrying his longtime love, Men's Vogue fashion news editor Sara James, this Labor Day. They've registered at Macy's, Crate and Barrel and Williams-Sonoma, and they also have a "charity registry," which is a nice touch! Let's take a gander at what their wedded bliss will look like.

For one thing, it will presumably be full of cooking, baking, juicing, slicing, steaming, toasting and frothing—they appear to have registered for nearly every kitchen gadget imaginable, including a reversible meat tenderizer (kinky!). Also, a food scale. (Eek. Weird present to get for someone!) [Ed. Note: You guys don't cook, do you. I couldn't live without my food scale!]Anyway, mazel tov! May your guests bring you all the stainless-steel cookware you desire for that enormous kitchen. (By our calculations, around $2,000 worth of cookware.) Hey, maybe everyone will get all Tori Spelling on them?

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