We were heartened by the discussion over at that "Here's some money, name my baby" post. But then we thought to ourselves, hey, this could be a potential career for someone! So here's the deal: Submit your most pretentious (but plausible) baby name, either via e-mail or in the comments section. We'll take the five best and put them to a test of the Gawker audience. The winner will then be able to set him or herself up as an "award-winning nomenclature consultant," with all the fame and fortune that such a lofty designation ensues. Remember, try and give us something that the kind of schmuck who pays $50 for a list of names pulled out of a book would actually fall for: "Ralph" (pronounced Ra-Fay) works, "Scottwaffle" less so. And don't be afraid to share stories of pretentiously-named babies you know. We want to share little Gramercy's story with the world! Let's go, kids, here's your shot at the big time.

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