Sure, you may have enjoyed three-time Biggest Movie Star in the World titleholder Shia LaBeouf's fine work in Disturbia and Holes, but how much do you really know about the up-and-coming superstar handpicked by both Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg to be chased around their movie sets by giant fucking robots and old fucking archaeologists, respectively? Did you know that his unusual name, the bane of copy editors everywhere, means "Thank God for beef?," or that one of his parents was a pot-smoking hippie clown whose act once prominently featured a trained chicken?

Or that he was very nearly devoured by hungry police dogs on the set of Transformers, a tragedy that easily could have shut down production for up to three days while a deal for Boy Meets World's Ben Savage to replace the fallen hero could be closed? Spending just a few minutes with the above clip of LaBeouf's Friday night Late Show appearance or perusing this in-depth LAT profile will reveal these and other equally fascinating biographical facts about the interesting young man who is currently freshening up Harrison Ford's glass of Chivas between takes on Indiana Jones 4.