Good news for book publishing! Sometime Gawker hottie, Grub Street writer and heretofore-uncredited coiner of the term "douché" Daniel Maurer has sold his first literary work, Brocabulary, in what Publishers Marketplace would call a "very nice" deal (so between $50 and $100K.) What is this new addition to the canon, you ask? It's a man-i-festo of dude talk and a dictionary of manly mots! You know, like douché. Also like: Guidon't : 1. (n) a Guido-related faux-pas. 2. (exclamation) A command given to a Guido that he cease his Guido-related behavior. Or Doug Booty: A hail mary pass made at a woman despite the fact that your game is clearly about to be over. Or Power tool: Someone who has achieved power, wealth, or fame despite being a total tool. You get the idea.