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We're still a good six weeks out from pretending to care about the Emmys, but LAT Gold Derby blogger Tom O'Neil spent some time this weekend kidnapping TV Academy voters as they left a Beverly Hills Hilton screening of awards candidates, then waterboarding them in the back of a van until they begged their cruel interrogator to exclusively take down the names of the ten contenders that will soon be narrowed down to a mere five nominees. (You've never seen a man truly suffer until he's spent ten minutes trying to cough the words "Grey's Anatomy" through excruciatingly waterlogged lungs.) While we'd never dare dissipate the delicious tension of the Emmy nominations parties you've planned for July 19th by reprinting the lists here, we will note a handful of key snubbees from the drama category: The Shield, Brothers & Sisters, Rescue Me, and [sci-fi fans please look away, for it's just too horrible to contemplate] Battlestar Galactica. The full lists, for TV fans with poor impulse control, can be found here.