This most recent photo of Naomi, who as everyone knows got sperminated by her fiance the greatest actor of our time Liev Schrieber, was taken in LA on June 27. Lady is like 11 months pregnant. Or at least that is how it has been seeming to Stalker Map Intern Valerie Flame. Somewhere towards the end of Naomi's second trimester, Valerie started getting really pissy about the flood of boring samey Naomi and Liev sightings. "I am so sick of them. They're seen everywhere all the time and I don't care about them. How about a ban unless she gives birth on the sidewalk?" When her request was not met, things started to get sorta twisted!

Sighting, May 11: "just wanted to report i saw naomi watts and liev schriber having coffee at cafe angelique on bleecker street today at about 10:20am. they were both having coffee and had just picked up lots of dry cleaning. she appeared to be reading a movie script. very casual."

Valerie:"... and then her water broke all over my foot..."

Sighting, May 24:"Just saw Naomi Watts on 9th st at 6th ave. She doesnt look preggers until you see her from the side...she was snacking while she walked, very pretty in person."

Sighting, June 5: "They sat in a corner booth during through the whole show Naomi was glowing and had a cute baby bump."
Valerie: "how can they call it a bump? lump better. maybe big fucking stomach."

Sighting, June 7:"leaving 270 lafayette. she is so cute, very pregnant.
They left on his Vespa, is that safe? 8 months preggers riding a Vespa in Soho? Maybe not so much."
Valerie: "because GOD FORBID anything should happen to that PRECIOUS FETUS!"

Sighting, June 11: "I'm pretty sure I saw Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber this morning walking along Houston between Sullivan and MacDougal street (9:45 am). She looked ready to burst and was chatting happily with him; he looks exactly the way he does in photos, has that whole scruffy thing going on."
Valerie: "hahahaha. She's probably not even pregnant, just fat." (Ed: this one is kind of our favorite.)

And then, today, Valerie emailed us apropos of nothing: "did naomi have her damn baby yet? maybe it's not a baby, just a really bad infection. maybe she's septic." Umm. Maybe! The world holds its breath and waits.