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The winners of Gordon Ramsay's "reality" tv show "Hell's Kitchen" actually didn't get their promised cushy jobs, reports the Post.

[Season 2 Winner Heather] West, 27, was promised a job as the executive chef of T-Bones Chophouse, the high-end steak house at luxurious Red Rock Casino Spa in Las Vegas. She now works as a senior chef at the resort's less prestigious Italian restaurant, Terra Rosa. A casino official said that West was better suited to work at Terra Rosa because it has an open kitchen that keeps her visible to patrons who occasionally recognize her from the show - and sometimes ask for her autograph.

So basically they endured months of abuse to work a mid-level gig at glorified Sbarro's with only the occasional request for an autograph. Which was probably preceded by, "Sorry, I know I know you from somewhere! Sign my tits please? And can I have some grated parmesan on my ziti!" Well if it's fame they wanted, it's fame they got.

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