As is becoming ever more apparent, the internet can change lives, both for better and for worse. Brad from Bay Ridge, whose fun pro-B&T, anti- Gay Pride parade rant we seconded here last week, wants you to know that his life has actually improved since he made your acquaintance. "As you could imagine allot of things have changed drasticallysince you published my letter last week. My deli guy now gives me extra prosciutto free of charge, my dry cleaning lady returned my wifebeaters to me with a crispness only reminiscent of there original packaged fresh goodness, and the girls at the tanning salon hooked me up with an extra five minutes in booth number 7. But for some reason i don't think they read gawker? oh well. For these things i am truly greatful!" But how was the rest of Brad's week?

As far as the rest of my week, it was filled with the same ho-hum monotony as every other week. Work, Gym , Tanning, Gym, Tanning. The only thing that stuck out and has haunted my dreams since Saturday was my discovery of a certain store in the Roosevelt mall, which i have come to discover is a not alone. They are a chain....a chain I say!! A chain of misery loneliness and despair! Build-a-Bear is this devils name. A store lined with bucket upon bucket of limp lifeless empty teddybear bodies, only reminiscent of the Katyn Massacre by the soviet army. To think this little workshop of horrors brings unto children the power to "stuff" these lifeless friends with "love, joy and happiness" so only then can Rasputin's Ruxpen live out his life in captivity under your sleeping arm. FUCK YOU I KNOW THATS A RUN-ON SENTENCE ! It takes a special kind of godless capitalist to prey on children....and we wonder why todays youth is so desensitized. Maybe next we can rework operation to teach kids how to steal parts for black market organ sales, or instead of cops and robbers kids can play drug mule and human trafficer. Perhaps even build low income housing with Lincoln Logs and Erector sets...but what the fuck do i know....other than that, mom made Zitti on Sunday and i finally got to watch John from Cincinnati.

Man, it is really too bad that Choire hates temps because I am going on vacation week after next and this dude would be such a good guest editor.