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Update: This story's highly disputed. See below. I've found out that PodTech, the Internet's worst video network, screwed over videoblogging hero Ze Frank. In the middle of defending one of his company's screw-ups, PodTech employee Robert Scoble started complaining about how his company "lost a TON of money on Vloggies," referring to the award show PodTech organized last year to recognize good videobloggers (and drum up some attention for PodTech). The show was one of the few good things PodTech ever pulled off — but according to this story, they didn't actually give a crap about one of the favorite vloggers.

Ze Frank had won two Vloggie awards last year. He couldn't make it to the ceremony, but he had a fan act as his envoy. PodTech told him they'd mail his awards.

PodTech wanted Ze Frank to host this year. He wasn't interested, but he did ask what happened to the awards — he'd never gotten them in the mail. Their response: "We ran out."

That's a shame; those awards fetch over $500 on eBay.

Update: Both PodTech boss John Furrier and Ze Frank say the story's false. Erik Gavriluk, who built the site behind Ze's show (and, was the story's source; despite Ze and John's reaction, he insists it's all true. File this under, I don't know, dubious?

(Photo by Scott Beale)