As I perused the New York Times Weddings section on Sunday under the watchful eye of my mother ("Do you know that girl? I thought you might know her. Didn't you go to college with that guy? He's young! I didn't know he was a lawyer!" OMG, shut up, Mom! I'm never coming home again!), I noticed one Alexander Wenner's wedding announcement. He got married in the Hamptons! He's 22! He was an intern at Electronic Arts, the video-game designer! But then when we went to post about it yesterday, it was, mysteriously, not online! Was Jann worried that the internets would post about his son? Hmm! Anyway, we've reproduced the announcement, so you wouldn't miss it. Also, his son really looks like a video game designer, but my mom and dad don't have a scanner (Google Image Search was no help), so you'll just have to trust us on this one. (He doesn't really look like Jann, though. So no help!)

Emily Eisen-Berkeley, a daughter of Margaret M. Eisen of Darien, Conn., and Joseph W. Berkeley of Osterville, Mass., was married last evening to Alexander Jann Wenner, a son of Jane Wenner and Jann S. Wenner, both of New York. The Rev. Dr. Jon M. Walton, a Presbyterian minister, officiated at Villa Des Amis, a private home they rented for the occasion in Bridgehampton, N.Y.

Mrs. Wenner, 23, graduated in May from the New School.

Her father, who is retired, worked at the Boston office of A.G. Becker & Company, a financial services concern in which he was principal. Her mother works in New York, as a managing director of the marketing and communications department at the CFA Institute, the organization of Charlottesville, Va., that administers the chartered financial analyst certification program.

Mr. Wenner, 22, was a summer intern, from 2003 to 2006, at Electronic Arts, the video-game maker in Redwood City, Calif., where he helped design games.

His parents are founders of Rolling Stone magazine. His father is the chairman and the chief executive of Wenner Media in New York, the publisher of Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and Men's Journal magazines; his mother is a vice president.

Sounds lovely! No mention of Matt Nye, though! And we have a feeling Neal Boulton probs wasn't on the guest list.