On last night's edition of Larry King Live, CNN's in-house confessor to the disgraced Hollywood stars played host to the latest stop of embattled former TV surgeon Isaiah Washington's Breaking the Silence: I'm Mad As Hell And Not Going to Take It Anymore Tour, on which the controversially non-renewed Grey's Anatomy actor, freed of an apparent ABC/Disney gag order by his dismissal from the show, is taking to the media again and again to inform the public about the myriad conspiratorial forces (racism, gay puppetmasters, etc etc) that led to his being cast out of horny-doctor Eden.

Above, Washington explains the intended meaning of the various epithets he hurled during his non-T.R.-Knight-related clash with Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey, such as the B-word ("indicative of maybe a four-legged dog"), the P-word ("would be more like punk"—weird, we thought it might be genitalia-related), and the F-Bomb Heard Round the World ("it meant, to me, someone who is being weak — " "— a person who is not being treated — is not deserving of respect."), a round of helpful clarifications that should finally end the tabloids' regrettable fascination with an inconsequential, on-set spat.