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Since I've just criticized other bloggers for shilling, it's the perfect time to shill for something that I profit from.* Erik Gavriluk, who created the "gimme some candy" patronage system for videoblogger Ze Frank, has deployed the system for six other sites, including the popular Ask a Ninja show and musician Jonathan Coulton.

I'm one of the newest "gimme some candy" sites (I have a personal videoblog called Look Shiny). "They'll let just about anyone in," you may say. Actually, yes. The Candy system should be rolling out soon for anyone who wants to sign up their site.

Think of it as a way that creative bloggers can make a little money without ads, shilling, and selling out.**

*Theoretically, anyway. So far I've made five bucks, and I'm pretty sure that was just Erik testing the system.

**Not that they won't still sell out.