Chest-hair barer and small-dog-loving Radar editor Chris Tennant's new book is available for pre-order on Amazon! Whee! It's called The Official Filthy Rich Handbook, and it's a rather blatant ripoff of The Official Preppy Handbook. Except this one, we hear, features Julia Allison.

According to the book description:

It's looking like another banner year for America's moneyed overclass, that lucky .0001 percent of the population sitting on $30 million-plus in liquid assets. Sadly, every year thousands more will be joining their ranks and discovering it's not so easy to have it all. St. Tropez or St. Thomas? Maybach or Hummer? So many choices—and worse, so many opportunities to make the wrong choice.

Now help has arrived. In the spirit of The Official Preppy Handbook—the 1.3 million-copy bestseller that taught us all how to be top drawer—here is a dead-on, deadpan guide to living large in the land of plenty. Packed with wry insight and savvy, The Official Filthy Rich Handbook yanks the monogrammed pashmina off a world few mortals get to see. An actual instruction manual, this nuts-and-bolts guide (phone numbers included) feeds our endless fascination with the world of the loaded while offering practical instruction for those who aspire to join them.

The difference between a majordomo and a butler. The proper way to name your houses. Acceptable Privet Height: A Cautionary Tale. Meet your new peers in the Plutocrat Primer—including The Speculator, The Thrillionaire, The Moguless, The Heirhead—and the mooches and scoundrels to know and avoid. Cosmetic procedures for you and your children. The right spots to party in Sardinia, Aspen, Napa, St. Barts. Bodyguards—ex-Mossad vs. ex-NYPD. The Top 10 Charities. Why the Filthy Rich swim nude. The Official Filthy Rich-Approved List of Rehab Centers. Why it's so hard to break into the art market (and how to do it). Fun gadgets: La Cimballi M3 Cappucino Station, the Toto Washlet S300 no-paper toilet. Colleges you'll want your kids to drop out of. What to wear when interviewing with the co-op board. And much, much more.

"The rich are different from you and me," said F. Scott Fitzgerald. But at least now you know what they know.

So where does our friend Julia come in? Well! We hear that Tennant originally wanted a real-ish socialite to pose for one of the people in the "Plutocrat Primer," and that he approached Olivia Palermo to pose. Her parents put the kibosh on that idea, though! So he turned to his friend Julia, who, of course, was more than happy to pretend to be a socialite for the book. So now everyone's happy!

The Official Filthy Rich Handbook

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