Little Independence Day treat here. PodTech, the worst-run company since Boiler Room, held an award show last year called the Vloggies. On the one hand, it recognized some cool people making cool video. On the other, it have the podcast company a much-needed halo effect. Now, the principal characters dispute one story that PodTech failed to give a statuette to award winner Ze Frank. But that sparked a tip from another vlogger who says PodTech "ran out" of statuettes and snubbed about a dozen award winners.

Our collaboration called Node 666 won about 17 people a Vloggie. PodTech said they would mail Vloggies to everyone who contributed to the collaboration, but they didn't. I just got an e-mail today from Steve Garfield wondering where his Vloggie is.

Their excuse was that they ran out of Vloggies at the awards ceremony and would have to have more made in order to send them.

No such follow up was made.

Brilliant. With PodTech losing this much credibility, I know I'm one vlogger who won't bother coming to its awards show this year. Disappointing, really; last year's event seemed so fun before this look behind the scenes.