"You may have heard something about the iPhone in the media," writes New Yorker classical music critic Alex Ross on his blog. No, we have not! What is this "iPhone"? Okay truth be told, I stopped by the iStore on iFifth Avenue on Tuesday and half-heartedly tried to iBuy one but there were all these grimy tourists touching the iPhones, a mob scene of all colors and creeds and also all colors and creeds of fannypacks, sort of like as if "It's A Small World" had come to life and exploded in gross technolust and I was so turned off that I had to run out of the store. Anhyoo, Mr. Ross is embarking on a brave experiment: he is leaving for Munich this week without his iPod or his iBook or his non-iCellphone, with only his iPhone to keep him in communication and also iEntertained. Dollars to donuts that this ends up in some kind of tears, right? Also, his address book ranges from "Abramovich to Zalewski." Hmm. Daniel Zalewski, New Yorker editor, sure: but who is this "Abramovich"?

An Endorsement [The Rest Is Noise]