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Remember way back in grade school, when a gaggle of girls would write a list of the boys in their class that they wanted to marry? Video network PodTech did the same thing. According to a former employee, after the podcast company ran out of statuettes for its "Vloggie" awards, the head of the company wrote a list of the people PodTech was courting to join its company. The people on the list got statuettes first, and some of the rest got stalled until the company could buy new awards and pretend there was no problem. Man, hope that strategy helped them attract some great talent! Here's our source's firsthand account.

Running outta Vloggies, all true...they played a game of "who is most important", had some list...the people Podtech wanted for their network got them first. Least that was John Furrier's reasoning.

And yes, they then DID get some more, yes.....

But then they put Valerie [Cunningham, PodTech press contact] in charge, Miss Pretty but 10-Second-Attention Span, and I have no doubt she will stick to her guns, saying yes she sent them. She drops more balls than anything, plus it was during the whole move to Page Mill Road, and they were sitting in a box untouched for eons. I was shouldn't those be mailed? But poorly run is right, it was someone else's responsibility, so they remained untouched, while Valerie was off partying, calling it Marketing.

So now it blows up, and they have them left over, insisting they did send them and have more.