Not content to let Roland Emmerich and various crazed fundamentalists do all the destroying of New York, it seems JJ Abrams, creator of "Lost" and "Felicity," has thrown his hat in the ring with a mysterious unnamed film. Previews for the flick are being shown before "Transformers" and it will open in January, 2008. (N.B. "Transformers" is, strictly speaking, the most awesome movie of our generation.) In the pirated cellphone version of the preview, I particularly enjoyed what looks like Roma Torre of NY1 bringing news of the destruction. Because that's how it's going to happen for real. One second, you're trading anal sex for an iPhone—the next, Roma Torre is bringing on the bad news and then one of the spikes from the Statue of Liberty has impaled you and your cat and pinned you both to an Ikea bookshelf so that you might count out your last empty stupid minutes together, both your glazed, soon-dull eyes reflecting only Roma and her sensible, sensible hair.

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