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Director and awards season cow wrangler David Lynch makes no secret of how he feels about the encroachment of corporate interests upon his stubbornly abstruse cinematic meditations. (Quoth: "Bullshit. Total fucking bullshit.") That isn't to say that he's above whoring himself out for the occasional contract work, however, as he has agreed to direct a TV spot for a new Gucci perfume, according to a press release from the fashion house's unsexy parent-company fragrance licensee, Procter & Gamble. From The Stylephile blog:

Lynch, 61, will direct the next Gucci commercial for its latest eponymous perfume. Gucci's parent company Procter & Gamble released a statement which indicated why the man who forever immortalized a severed ear in "Blue Velvet" should tackle the task: "Lynch was selected for his holistic ability as an artist, his professional experience and knowledge, his never-ending research for beautiful images, his use of music and his modernity."

It remains to be seen how the director's qualifications will manifest themselves into a thirty-second spot: Gucci executives could wind up extremely dissatisfied, having hoped he'd return to them with something more akin to Nicole Kidman in a gauzy gown scampering across a moonlit roof into her lover's arms, as opposed to the director's somewhat less romantic vision of a naked dwarf sitting at the head of a conference table, dabbing his nether regions seductively with the new scent to a dark, jazzy tune by Angelo Badalamenti.