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With many of the large American online advertisers acquired in recent months, Fox International Channels, a subsidiary of News Corp, turned its attention last week to ClickDiario, "one of the largest online advertising networks specializing in Spanish-speaking audiences." The acquisition of ClickDiario will provide Fox access to "25 million unique users per month." So what's the problem? ClickDiario is regarded as an abusive spammer throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

A Google Groups search reveals innumerable complaints posted to the news.admin.NET-ABUSE.sightings list. The spam messages have titles familiar to everyone the world over, in Spanish: "Inicia tu propio negocio! — Start your own business!", "Oportunidad de Negocio Rentable — Profitable business opportunity", etc... Of course, Intermix Media, parent company of Myspace, was also well-known and reviled as an abusive spyware installer of pop-advertising when Fox Interactive Media acquired it in 2005. News Corp. properties appear to be executing their online strategy consistently and across language barriers.