Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (it happens!) or by design (it happens more often).

  • "Where is your coverage of Miss New Jersey and her extortion story, and where are the Facebook pics?? Can Donald Trump save Amy Polumbo too??? We want pics!
    The unwashed"
  • "To be honest, I haven't figured out how to use it, but one more syntactically advanced than me should be able to apply this to your posts and KarenUhOh's comments that reach a certain level of pithiness: Sargasm. Take it. It's yours."
  • "Hi, I came across your blog this morning through's Broadsheet, and the content seems to mesh well with the mission of Women Center Stage - a multi-disciplinary festival featuring women artists whose calls attention to human struggles across the globe."
  • "Fall Preview Issue—Dear Choire Sicha,
    My name is Paula Navratil and I am writing from Columbia University's Office of Public Affairs. We would like to be able to submit arts events for your Fall Preview Issue, if you have one. We need to know the deadline, to whom (contact info) and how we should submit events. Thank you for your help!"
  • "I have "written" an empty book to see if a book with almost no words can become a bestseller. I need help finding someone to fund a little advertising for the book. do you like the idea."
  • "Dear Sirs,
  • In keeping with Gawker's "fresh" and hip content I'd like to introduce you a unique sister blog concept.
  • Introducing Miamihattan.
  • Miamihattan connects the historical, emotional, and cultural vibe between these two dynamic cities as never before.
  • MIAMIHATTAN would add to your content and further distinguish Gawker as the premier New York blog, continuing to bring your readers the VERY best content!"
  • "I have a video of paris shopping in hawaii if interseted email me"
  • "Check out Salon today, they've peppered their page with pictures of asses — literally."
  • "Do you know what's so special about the date 6/21/07?

It's the official date of probably the best holiday
America has to offer: Go Skateboarding Day!"

  • "Hey, you know you pompass prick who runs this site, I have submitted several sightings to you in the past and you have never posted them on your site! What's the point in having a site if you don't post half the good shit!???!! I'm not sending you anymore tips, I am using another site now, that's what you get for ignoring some of us asshole!"
  • "So maybe the gays are into the next best phone but so are a lot of low income families. I am a Head Start teacher (which is an "income eligible" preschool program if you didn't know) and I amazed at how many of our parents who don't work have the latest and greatest cell phones. They all have the blue tooth thing-y too. My best home visit story was about 3 years ago when we walked into an apartment with no furniture but they had a giant plasma screen mounted on the wall so we sat on the floor and discussed whatever."

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