From the mailbag:

Candace Bushnell judged a dog show in my town, Washington, CT, last weekend. She looked very old, sort of like a mummy with a wig. The show was raising money for cancer, so it was nice of her, but:

  • she was talking about a stringed bass at one point and pronouncing it like the fish
  • when one dog was brought up, she said, "Oh, just like that dog on Sex and the City... you know which one I mean, the Sex and the City dog." This was not the only time she mentioned Sex and the City.

Her much younger husband wore a pink popped lacoste with high, high seersucker pants and seemed gay. The show was held at a pavilion next to the elementary school, and had "quirky" judging categories like sex appeal, etc.

That's why they say "better yet, Connecticut!"