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Even as NBC janitors continue to scrub away at stubborn blood stains and collect overlooked skull fragments left over from the Memorial Day Massacre that enabled rock-star Ben Silverman's ascendance at the Peacock, freshly whacked president Kevin Reilly is reportedly in talks to reunite with former FX boss Peter Liguori at Fox, an attempt to recapture the magic of a previous collaboration which, in the words of Variety, elevated the then-obscure channel "to a basic-cable equivalent of HBO with cutting-edge fare."

The rumors hold that Reilly's still-undefined job might involve him assuming programming responsibilities at Fox, allowing Liguori, whose greatest accomplishment of the past two-plus years has been resisting the deliciously suicidal impulse to cancel American Idol just to see if his entire operation instantaneously disappears into a Nielsen-generated black hole, to take on a "broader role overseeing the network." Still, we worry that the men have grown apart since their FX days, as Reilly's self-destructive obsession with low-rated "class" will almost certainly come into conflict with Fox's maniacal dedication to the smoothing of demographically desirable brains. Then again, maybe their outwardly differing philosophies will create some kind of unexpected synthesis, with Reilly bringing over Aaron Sorkin to preside over a hit gameshow in which contestants are kicked in the genitals following each failure to correctly answer questions about current events of geopolitical import.