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Taking inspiration from a successful campaign in which Jericho fans buried the CBS executives responsible for canceling the struggling Debbie Downer of a series under a mountain of salted peanuts, fans of NBC's The Black Donnellys have similarly bought up enough Zesta crackers to feed a developing nation, and diverted the shipment to HBO, where they think the "edgy" Paul Haggis series has a better chance of survival. From the Show Tracker blog:

A small number of die-hard fans of NBC's recently canceled drama "The Black Donnellys" plans to ship nearly 300 pounds of Zesta crackers (about 45,000 crackers) to HBO executives beginning next week in hopes of persuading the premium cable outlet to pick up the moribund show.

[Fans] said they chose HBO because the cable outlet is a better fit for the "Donnellys' " grittier themes. Also, they selected Zesta crackers because they are featured in a lounge sign belonging to one of the show's main characters.

HBO offices were closed today for the holidays and officials were unavailable for comment.

This new trend of snack-food-based fan terrorism is disturbing to say the least, causing more than a few involuntary spasms among TV executives who so much as come within a couple feet of a single Pringles canister, and who are merely counting the days before they're snuffed out by a Corn Nuts-avalanche triggered by a fearsome group of primetime-casualty jihadists, who refer to themselves only as the "Children of The Nine."