So after much deliberation we've selected the finalists for Gawker's Pick The Most Pretentious Baby Name Consultant Contest 2007. We'll put up a poll tomorrow, but we wanted to share some of the runners-up, names that came close but didn't quite contain the je ne sais quoi one looks for in a totally twatty midget moniker. Also, we'll give you one more shot: If you've got a name that you think deserves inclusion in the poll, put it in the comments: It might just make the finals!

Your runners-up: Luxman, Dodger, Amaranth, Arcadia, Clooney, Trench, Hegemony, Crimson, Lexston, Gingerly, Setanta, Søren, Pembroke, Lumiere, Dulcimer, Fayemus, Elgin.


We're partial to Fayemus ourselves, but competition was tough. If you've got anything better, give it a shot.