Not so long ago, we'd wondered "how many counter-examples are there of happily single men and women, living their lives for themselves? There certainly isn't a fucking section of the New York Times devoted to their exploits every weekend." Well, ask and ye shall receive! But also, be careful what you wish for. This week's Week In Review section was all about single people, and why there are so damn many of the lonely unfortunates. And it got off to a great start with this thigh-slapping line: "The news that 51 percent of all women live without a spouse might be enough to make you invest in cat futures." Oh ha ha ha. Offended! How dare anyone imply that sad single ladies are all desperate cat ladies! Wait, though: are they? We decided to ask around.

First, we asked a ladyfriend of ours who readily admits that "when I go to the pet store and they have cats up for adoption I want to save them all and have visions of owning a big country estate with 20 cats, 6 dogs and a few donkeys." She doesn't think her Elmira from Tiny Toons ways have scared off the mens. "I don't think it's an impediment to finding lasting love. My boyfriend — although allergic! — likes my cats. However, the news that some 25% of all humans are allergic to them may put a damper on some love matches." We were buying it! But then she went on. "I admit that I own a t-shirt with an Edward Gorey illustration of a cat sitting among a pile of books. The text reads: "Cats. Books. Life Is Good." I wear this shirt around the city with no embarrassment whatsoever." Ok, cat lady.

Next we asked Choire, who is a single lady with a 25 lb cat, our burning questions. "Have you ever been unfairly stereotyped as a cat lady? Or are you comfortable with your catladyness? And do you think it is an impediment to your finding lasting luv?" Bitch replied by popping offline and hasn't been back on since.